Does MARRYtheEARTH conflict with organized religion?

No, all religions on Earth are about living together in Peace and Harmony, all religious teachings stress Balance and Compassion. Every religion seeks to explain that we are One with the Earth, (“from dust to dust”) and give us guidance on how can protect “that which gives us life”.


Can MARRYtheEARTH be combined with “Real” marriage ceremonies?

Yes, all the concepts within MARRYtheEARTH support standard human marriage ceremonies, with the addition of a meaningful 3rd relationship, our undeniable, unbreakable relationship with the Earth.


On the issue of whether it “Real” – many people think only when a marriage between any two people is written in a registry and sanctioned by the state, it is real. We believe that when you make a commitment to others with your word and actions, it’s as real as any piece of paper.

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