About Marry The Earth & Earth Marriage

WHO are we doing this for?

doc_KidsandBubbles_MG_0347 – Primarily Young People and our Children!

WHAT are we doing this for?
doc_KidsCanal_MG_0335 – because young people and children are suffering from isolation and disconnection from nature and the Earth – They Deserve A HAPPY FUTURE_\!/

WHEN do we Marry The Earth?
doc_LittleGirl_SSC_MG_0367 – at any stage of life we can learn to “Love the Planet” – Everyone is welcome.
it is best to start young, when we are first learning that the world is not just about ourselves, it is about sharing.

wp_MTE_MG_0217 – as a young adult, we want to belong. We seek relationships that make us feel good about ourselves. We all belong to the Planet Earth, so it’s natural that we deepen our relationship by making a commitment to share, protect and nurture life on Earth, where all life originates.

doc_MTE_MG_0442  – as young adults we also begin our own families, and realize that bringing another life into the world is full of joy and loving responsibility – we want our children to be successful, and live in an even better world than we do.

– in middle age we


and HOW are we doing this?

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