MARRYtheEARTH Ceremony


There are no priests, ministers or government officers officiating at MARRYtheEARTH Ceremonies. They are welcome to attend, but these ceremonies are not often public spectacles  and they are usually private and always unofficial, performed by an AMBASSADOR of CHANGE from the Republic Of Conscience .

The MARRYtheEARTH ceremony has no legal status in human-centered culture. The MARRYtheEARTH Ceremony is a personal ceremony we share with close friends as a commitment to respect and protect our only home, the Earth.


The MARRYtheEARTH ceremony can also be considered as a certification from your friends and acceptance from your small society to begin a career as a teacher.


The Original Ambassador of Change can be found at


The Ceremony is actually 3 Marriages in One:

Individual’s Relationship with Themselves – Internal Integration and Harmonization. (You marry yourself)

1.) The Yin (female) and Yang (male) in each individual marries together. Internally harmonizing for a balanced personality, confidence that and awareness that their personality and character is comprised of both Yin & Yang

  • ACTION: TO SHARE YOUR NEW AVATAR WITH THE WORLD – Each individual has a photo of themselves displaying the 3 Finger Salute, making a commitment to honour their new status and influence others to do the same by sharing this photo with the world, posting it to a social network and sending a copy to 3FingerPHOTO (a} gmail com

Relationship between the Individual and the Planet Earth (You marry the Earth)

2.) The male “side” of each individual marries with the Earth (female), to create an understanding, obligation to protect and meaningful bond with the planet.


Relationship between the Individual and the Community (You marry together as 3 friends, who represent your relationship with “community”)

3.) The group of 3 uses the 3 rings to interlock each other together, representing the unity of Heaven, Earth and People, Society, the Environment and the Economy, Earth, Wind and Fire.

– ACTION: Individually exchange hugs, ending with a three way hug and three arm shake

You exchange small personally made gifts or Change Bracelets and Change Crystals


Change Bracelets remind us of our commitment.

Change Crystals “Tune us to Harmonize with the Earth”


The 3 make a commitment to individually and as a group of 3 to Marry the Earth and protect their Earth home, with the understanding that they are individually socially responsible (ISR) for their relationship with eachother and those they interact with independently, in daily life.

讲义气   Be loyal to one’s friends

义气深重 have a strong sense of obligation

朝气 youthful spirit; vigour; vitality


This marriage is guaranteed to last forever, you were always married to the One Earth and you will always be a part of this marriage, beyond death, to infinity, to be reborn in the babies of the future, to a better world because of your care and commitment today.



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