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We all LOVE the Earth, Right?

Marry the Earth in the Republic Of Conscience

AMBASSADOR OF CHANGE Philip McMaster, Co-Founder of the Republic Of Conscience and Marry the Earth (EARTHmarriage)

Marry the Earth or “Earth Marriage” is a feature of the World Sustainability Project and was developed by Philip McMaster, co-founder of the Republic Of Conscience as a benefit to people who want to have some meaningful and playful fun, while raising their awareness and commitment to stewardship of the natural world.

Marry the Earth is not a legal marriage in the “traditional” sense. It is a fun new way of sharing of an ancient promise to protect and nurture our mother Earth.

A Marry the Earth ceremony is usually between 3 good friends, all girls, all guys or any combination of 3.

The idea of Marry the Earth is to give meaning and purpose to our human friendship, and share our respect and care for all the other species of plants and animals that inhabit the only planet in the universe where we can live today.

For more information on how to become an AMBASSADOR of CHANGE to perform Earth Marriages as an official of the Republic Of Conscience, please contact the World Sustainability Organization at WorldSustainability [a} gmail com
For those interested in a serious and everlasting record of your Earth Marriage, explore the ideas behind marriage bonds recorded on the blockchain: